Why Choose Us?

St. Louis Lawyer Casey CoatsThe Law Office of Casey Coats in Saint Louis, Missouri are staffed with professional lawyers and paralegals ready to serve you on all your traffic tickets, criminal matters, personal injury claims, and business and real estate law.


Experience Counts: Our St. Louis attorneys have years of experience and have handled thousands of criminal, business, real estate, personal injury and traffic related legal matters.  Let us help you! Don’t wait to contact a lawyer, act now!

St. Louis attorneysWe Have The Resources to Help You: Our law firm is staffed with professional attorneys and paralegals that are experts in criminal, business, traffic, and estate law.

We are affordable: Our law firm’s legal fees are reasonable. Our prices are lower than many of our competitors, but we still offer great service!

We are friendly: Our attorneys are here to help you. We care about the clients we represent.

Don’t Wait, Act Now: If you delay your legal matter the consequences and costs could increase significantly — call us today!

Call us today: (314) 644-0602.

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